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Congratulations … As of December 15th … Gulch Radio has become a fully licensed LPFM station with coverage all the way to Flagstaff. … [the, ed.] format is outstanding, commercial free, eclectic, diverse, and wonderful, especially if you love music from the Golden Age. If you aren’t near Jerome, take a listen to it online and send … a great big pat on the back. Fan mail is always welcome. A lot of work goes into building and maintaining a station like this. It’s a labor of love and it’s entirely done for your benefit. The least you can do is drop an email to say thanks and congratulations.

Ed Brennan, via Facebook

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  1. Been listening to you on Radio since I visited Sedona Grand Canyon area at the Sedona Summit resort. I immediately took the trolley tour and the driver gave me his Scorpio lollipop. I enjoyed wine tasting and the train in Clarkdale, haunted hamburger in Jerome, cut my finger at the petrified forest rock and even stood on a corner in Winslow. It was truly magical. The road from the Flagstaff airport to Sedona was heavenly. I have a petrified wood necklace made by Native American Red Feather. I had a ball and will always have a piece of you in my heart Arizona!

    I am hooked and listening right now on my radio garden app with my earbuds All the way from Tallahassee Florida keep playing those great tunes. Rock on

    Kimberly Rose ?

    • Hi Kimberly – thanks for the nice letter. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love all those places. From Arizona to Florida – thanks for listening, glad you like the tunes!

      Best regards,

  2. Hey Ric! I’ve just found the Gulch a little over a year ago and it’s changed my life. I’m hearing music I haven’t heard in a long time and enjoying discovering new music that I have never heard before.
    I heard a mention that this Saturday February 12,2022 on the Mountain Stage that Todd Rundgren’s music would be played. I’d love to know a more about what that might be about?
    I’ve shared with my fellow Todd fans about the Gulch before when Todd’s been played and I’d love to share more info about this!
    Thank YOU so much, Peggy

  3. Chaz Tunes rocks the North Coast (aka Michigan)!
    I live in Northville, Michigan. A friend turned me on to GULCH RADIO last spring while warming myself in Scottsdale. I tuned y’all up on TuneIn when returning home.
    I listen most mornings and every evening when ever I can. I’m so impressed by your selections and I look forward to every chance to listen. Weekends I’m blasting your shows. I recommend your website every chance I get and y’all have impressed the best of my discerning music friends.
    Keep up the great work!!

    • Hey Patrick – thanks very much for writing, always fun to hear from folks tuning around the country. Glad you enjoy the tunes. Thanks for the kind words!

      Hope all is well in your part of the world!


  4. Hey Ric,
    I am looking forward to the Jackson Browne concert on Sept 14 2021 in Prescott Valley, at the Toyota Center. Great artist visiting PV, nice!

  5. Hello Ricardo
    Happy Birthday to you, my friend !
    Christoph here from old private Grand trips time 🙂
    How have you been?
    I’m still out here in Santa Fe. Give a holler someday !
    Hope you’re well and still enjoying your radio station !

  6. I just found about you. Great list of music styles played- very impressive. What no Zydeco? This whole thing reminds me of the pretend station KOW where Cleavon Little was the DJ. Movie: Vanishing Point with Barry Newman.

    You guys are the best. Wish we had you in Havasu. Nothing but 24 hours of Merle Haggard….

    • Thanks for writing! We frequently play zydeco – on the morning show and on weekends. We’re anywhere you want anytime on the net. Glad you like the tunes, thanks for listening!


  7. Ric,

    You just played Wild Cherry, Play That Funky Music, please say it wasn’t your choice. Had to switch stations.

  8. Best FM station ever!! I don’t get the FM reception here in VOC Sedona so I only catch parts of it on the way to work in west Sedona. Today (Thursday July 16) I heard a killer song with the chorus words “Shut up and drive”. It was around 10:00 am and it was right before a Marshall Tucker song. Could you look that song up and tell me who did it? I get home from work too late to look up the archive on it.
    My ears love your music!!

    • Hi Ed – good morning, that was Widespread Panic “Shut Up and Drive” from their album Dirty Side Down. Thanks for the good words, we are currently working on our equipment and one of these days our signal might get into VOC a little better. Thanks for listening!


  9. 231/5000
    I’m in the city of João Pessoa, located in the northeast of Brazil. I have been following KCRJ for at least 15 years. The playlist is impeccable. Almost every day working on the computer and listening to your sound! I am very grateful !!! Wilton Padilha

    • Bom dia Wilton = thanks for writing! 15 years listening, that’s great, glad you enjoy the music. We have a lot of friends listening in Brasil!

      Stay strong and healthy,

        • Hi Willie – good to hear from you. I’m doing okay, good spirits, but I can’t walk. Would love to visit with you. When Covid is crushed I’d be thrilled if you’d stop by.

          Thanks for dropping me a line.


    • I’d like to suggest you play some Cadillac Angels. While not exactly local, this band frequently seen at the Spirit Room seems too home grown to ignore. And can you ever have enough rockabilly and surf?

      • Hi David – thanks for writing. We do play the Cadillac Angels, usually on weekday mornings. I’ll see if I can find some more songs of theirs to play. As for surf music, and rockabilly – nope, I love it.

  10. Grateful for the sounds referring to the word “work”, I would humbly suggest: Blackfoot, Diary of a workin man

  11. Good vibes for a pandemic world.
    I’m working at home, in Brazil, and listening to rock at gulch makes me believe in a better world, where people will consider each other as equals.

  12. I heard you play YMCA by Village People this morning. The pandemic must be affecting you. I had to change the station.

    • Good morning Ron – technical difficulties, who? Us? yes we do from time to time, things are working well right now. Thanks for letting us know.

  13. Good Morning Ric,
    The Youngblood’s song Get Together would be a nice addition to this nice Earth Day morning on the Gulch, during this divisive and crazy time.

  14. Good Morning Ric, I would like to make a request. James McMurtry “Just us Kids”. Thanks ~ Steve Lamb ** Please note: He does say Bullshit at the the beginning

  15. Hey Ric,
    Love that Song for Juli by Jesse Colin Young….one of your favorites to start the mornings. Thank you.
    William in Prescott

  16. Hi Ric,

    How come you only play the first half of that quote by Groucho Marx: “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas” It looses the humor without the punchline: “How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know”.

    Roderick Wilde in Croatia

  17. Hey Ric,
    Do you ever get a chance to listen to the “Acoustic Storm”? It is a syndicated show on the weekends on radio stations all over the states, started in Phoenix. I have been a fan since it started in 1998.

    • We’re old, too – glad you like the show and thanks for listening. I’ve done what i can with the volume, we don’t compress musi which is a process to make something sound louder, like the commercials on your tv that blow right out of the chair whether you want to get up or not.

      Best regards,

  18. You folks have been “in my head” for the past two days. Just one right after another, all day and evening. I don’t know how you do it but I’m a satisfied listener!

  19. Played the Song WARRIOR on Friday (probably afternoon?) I think. Bands name was really long but album I think you said was NaNa.

    Trying to find it but no luck. Did not have phone with me so could not look on playlist in time.

    Can ya help?

    • Hi JHL – I missed your note, very sorry. I did find the song I think you are looking for, Xavier Rudd and the United Nations, Warrior, from the album Nanna  ©2015 – I hope you get this reply.

      Thanks for listening,

  20. The last song before 8 am Sunday morning it was about rising and shining in the long morning… bluesy… WHAT was it help me!!!

  21. Hi Rick,
    On Wednesday this week you played a cool country version of Needles and Pins.
    Who played that cover? Great song. It had pam and l singing out loud that morning.
    Thanks for all the good morning music.

    • Good morning Mike – that was Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis’ version of “Needles and Pins” – glad you all enjoyed it. I like it too. Great cover of a great song.

      As for the morning music, thanks for the kind words and listening!

      best regards,

    • We’re going to play “Such A Night tomorrow night – Saturday, different version than todays, live performance and fantastic.

      Thanks for listening and writing.


    • Klaus – Greetings back to you from the USA! Thanks for writing, we’re glad you found us and enjoy the tunes.

      Best regards,

      • Enjoy the show so far today My grandpa had a curling rink in Frobisher Sask Canada and it had a 45 jukebox and today you played a lot of those songs. You Missed Wake up Little Susie and a few that were well classics at that rink.
        Ok Americans don’t know what Curling is for the most part unless you are from the UP, but my point is Rock on with the Geezers some of us know a lot of them.

  22. Hey Ric, do I understand you may be on air again in the future? There is currently nothing to listen to on the radio here in Camp Verde… Steve

    • Hi Steve – we are on the air, but we aren’t done yet, we had to meet a deadline, so we did what we had to do. Improvement should come over time. I don’t think the signal is going to reach into the Salt Mine Road area of Camp Verde, but we shall see.

      We’re doing our best! Thanks for your patience.


    • Thanks for the note Beth! We are very happy to be back out there as well. We’ve got a lot to do to finish the project, so the signal and quality should improve as we finish the details.

      Best regards,

  23. Oh my, so excited to try Gulch Radio on Alexa! I also agree about the live camera – I love watching the seasons change live in Jerome. We live in Colorado now but miss Jerome so much! I stalk Jerome real estate all the time and plan to actually get to live there soon. Thanks for all you do and all the great mood-improving music!

    • My pleasure – love that song and it’s very accurate portrayal of Jerome in the 1970’s – sad that Kate passed away so young, she had a beautiful voice and style.

    • Hey Bud – the time threw me there, I’m guessing you are on Mountain Daylight time – anyway, what I come up with is Monte Montgomery, Little Wing, live recording.

      That’s all the info I can find. Check it out and see if that is it.


  24. Been tuning in for years on my computer here in Dickinson TX where we’re still recovering from Hurricane Harvey’s flood. As I’ve written you in the past…your music inspires us and soothes our weary souls. Now, today…imagine my surprise when I asked (just for fun) my new Echo Dot “Alexa play Gulch Radio” and it ACTUALLY WORKED! That’s a whole new level of possibilities. Can listen to you all over the house now. Thank you! Still hoping to see that livecam again someday…that 180 degree scan of Jerome was like a little slice of heaven. Thanks for all you do, Ric.

    • Thanks for writing Jack – we plan on putting the camera back into action, but we have a lot of FM work to do before we can get to it. I used to keep the picture on my screens as background all the time. I’m sort of shut in these days, so looking a the cam was pretty refreshing. The Alexa link is great, I hope it brings us some more internet listeners.


  25. Hey Rockin Rick,
    Down here listening in St.Thomas us virgin islands.
    Thanks for the tunes. Maybe play some island music in da mornin mon. Thanks kevin

    • Hola Roberto – we’ve got lot’s of Jeff Healy in our playlists, – lot’s by our standards at least – we play something by him several times a day, lot’s of different titles in the library!

      Thanks for listening and best regards,

  26. do you have an idea of when you will be back on the air? I can only listen when I’m at the computer. I miss your excellent choice of tunes & programs. Thanks

      • Hey Bob – FM update, we are on the air now – we’re still working on the station so we are running the power at a lower level – I suspect in a month or two we’ll have it better together.

  27. kick ass playlist…..thanks….I am ex-Phoenician now listening from Grand Haven, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan

  28. Been playing your station since 9:00am, it’s after 3 now and have no intention of turning it off anytime soon. Like your station, like your style. Nice wide variety. Definitely will be tuning in regularly.

  29. I’ve been a regular listener to Gulch for the past 2 years. I appreciate and enjoy your musical selections and that you are commercial free. Your station IDs are not too frequent. The only ones that annoy me are the alarm clock and the foghorn, but besides that I’m usually in a cool groove listening throughout the day.
    I listen using Winamp. With all other stations it displays this artist name and song title then the station name. Gulch used to always display the song title and artist, but I noticed about 6 weeks ago, if no longer displays, it’s frustrating especially when I hear a song I really like, I want to see who it is and I can’t unless I go to your website. Here’s what I see – Current title: Test+test. Would you please restore that? Thanks!

    • Hi Mark – we are having some problem right now with the tuner and song title and haven’t figured it out yet. Most of our time right now is being spent on operating the station and building our new over the air replacement facility. I’ll try and get back to it.

      By the way the song titles display on our 32kbps stream.

      It’s all such a mystery.


    • Hi Mark – the mysterious problem, well one of them anyway, has been solved. The streaming titles are back to normal. Had to get outside help to fix that one.


  30. Hi there…..I’m trying to play gulch radio using Firefox. It won’t play. If I use Safari, it plays fine. Any suggestions as to what I need to do for your music to play on Firefox?
    Thanks! ~Linda

    • There is a problem with Firefox, I’d recommend another browser like Safari or chrome, or bookmark: (search for “gulch”)


  31. I can’t WAIT till you guys are back on the radio airwaves. Miss being able to simply turn on the dial and listen to you on the go … technology isn’t always better. Or easier. 🙂

  32. Hey Ric, Sending salutations from back east, Shrewsbury, PA. Miss you guys out in the Verde Valley. Hope to return real soon. Backtracking on E-mails, it looks like your station has been under construction, or should I say deconstruction. I sure do miss the valley cam from atop Jerome.

  33. Why isn’t the now playing feature displaying the artist and title of the song anymore? It only shows Test+test lately? I’m talking about the 96Kbps station and what it shows on my radio…

    Thanks, Jay

  34. I apologize to friends, but I’m not really enjoying this new playlist separda in another page of the site … as a listener when I hear something I do not know, I roll my eyes in the playlist to know who the voice or the song or the group is anyway. ..bato the eyes and note .. .. at home … because I hear you in my work, which helps me a lot … and I will search and listen more or mount in my playlist … I hope you review … thank you … rock rock long life to the rock …. and now that my country walks to a dictatorship so … let the rock come … but with the name in the playlist ali do play ….

    • Hola Roberto – the new playlist format helps use with the process of reporting for royalty sales. The data collection on the old playlist suddenly quit working and couldn’t be repaired so we updated to the new version, which actually listens to the music and reports it – it seems to have a hard time with our stations id’s and promos coming up with some crazy stuff. Currently, it’s a work in progress.

    • We’ve been working on the list display. It does seem to be having some problems.

      The good news is “test-test” has been banished back the ether (or ethernet) from which it came.

      Thanks for all your comments.


  35. I emailed you guys on August 11th last year (2017) and about two weeks later got Harvey put over four feet of water in my house here in Dickinson, Texas. My house that sits directly on Dickinson Bayou. Lost everything but our car and the clothes on our backs, but we made it out alive and that’s what matters. After ten months in a hotel we are finally back into our house. We have a long way to go to get back onto our feet, but what I said last year still stands…your music is incredible and your livecam keeps me going. But here’s my problem and why I’m writing…where’s the livecam? I really really need me some Jerome Arizona. Again, as I said last August, you people are awesome.

    • Hi Jack – the live cam had to come down with the removal of the tower when we lost our lease this year. We are constructing a new antenna site and we will be making other plans for the camera after we build our new site. Thanks for writing.

    • The live cam had to come down when we removed our transmitter tower. Sorry for the slow response, very glad you are all back together and I hope your rebuilding is going well.

      Thanks for listening,

    • Hi Pat -we are working on our new transmitter site right now, I am hoping we’ll be up and running over the air in from two to three months. Things just move slowly, but they are moving.


    • Good morning Pat – we will be back on the air in several months. We are working on the new site right now, so if the weather holds out etc we should be back fairly soon.

      Sorry for the slow response, I get way behind sometimes.


  36. so they got you back on the air from some guy that said your transmission was making him sick..can he prove it? so are you on full blast? I’m having a bit of trouble hearing you and have to turn the sound way up….are you on full time yet?
    I hope all is going well…we miss our gulch radio !!


    • Hi Mindy – sorry for the slow response. We were on a low power for awhile, we are off again as we had to dismantle our old site. Working on the new one and we hope to be on the air in two to three months. We miss you too!

  37. I love the station and the variety, soooooooooooo cool. Why can I no longer get you on my car radio. I have 4 cars and 100.5 is nothing but static on each and every one. Streaming is good but I miss your tunes on the ride to and from work. I need the Ric and Roll show. Please help.


    • Hi Gulch. Glad to have you back on my car radio again! Unfortunately the signal is really weak compared to how it was a couple months ago. Lots of static and I have to turn my radio way up. The station goes in and out too. Are there plans for a better signal in the future?
      Thanks, An Avid listener, Mike Y.

  38. Unable to receive your radio signal here in Sedona on a radio tuner. Just get static. Got your signal before . What has happened?

  39. Love the Gulch!!! Multiple time friends have asked me what station I am listening to. They love the variety and so do I. Having difficulty getting your station in the morning hours recently (in Cottonwood) but will check out the steaming feature as my hubby misses his morning Gulch. Thanks for the show!

  40. Can’t get you down in Cornville any longer…been goin’ on for several weeks. Now, occasionally, I will pick up the station around 8:15-20 in the morning, but, then the signal stops around 5:30 PM or so…what gives?

  41. Ric must be back at the controls, the music being played is great…again. Love the 5 to 8 time slot!

  42. Thank you for the Blues ! From a room rental in Rim Rock…

    Waiting out my time, as I get ready for my Seasonal Summer employment up north.

    Ive been a fan of the Blues since my 20’s. I always come back to their healing power.

    To have them handy over the wavelengths, is a Blessed thing these days.

    Any idea why yr signal goes off the air at around 9–9:30 ?

    Cant get diddly after that time, over in the ditches. Heheh

    Thanks Again for the dedication.


    • The transmitter has been going on and since late January because the night watchman at the complex where we are located is complaining our signal is wrecking his sleep – his families as well. He started going out and cutting the power to the station. The continous on and off has fried our transmitter and it is out for repairs. We will be back.


      • What kind of person does this??? Hope there
        will be a new night watchman that’s less destructive. We miss you ?
        E&C Cottonwood

  43. Hey Ric you made it 🙂 back in the driving seat again, phew! better leave your dancing socks in the draw a little while longer though. Off to bed now it’s 1 am here, have a good show nitey nite Geezer Mike & Fiona N/Wales UK x

  44. For the last month or so I try to tune in on my car radio in Cottonwood, I get dead air! For several hours a day. What’s up, why is my favorite station missing?

  45. Heard your station in a Jerome store. Been listening for a year now and tell everyone about you. On our way out and would like to know where you are. Merchandise???

  46. We’re getting a weird kind of interference with your signal here in Cottonwood, kind of random like a deep buzz. Just started to notice it on Sunday 2/4/2018

  47. Hi Rick hope you getting better,still the best Radio Station in the world even
    though you’re not there ha ha, miss you on the mic, hear you again soon Mike & Fiona North Wales xx

  48. Good Afternoon,
    I would like to know what the name of the song that talks about ’55 Chevy Bel Air, is, and who the artist is. You have the BEST radio station ever!!! Thank you,

  49. Hey,
    Just got set up to listen in through the internet feed. My sweetheart and I have missed the Sunday nights filled with the blues since we moved from Cottonwood (to the Tri-Cities of eastern WA) in early October. Now we’re all set!
    One other thing… the colorized photo of Jerome at the top of your home page would make a great jig-saw puzzle. Can we borrow?


  50. Hi Ric.

    I heard you are currently experiencing a health challenge.

    I’m sending you healing thoughts and energy from Oregon.

    Get better soon big guy. You are much loved !

    Blessings and support from Todd in Salem, Oregon.

  51. Hi Ric, Today is William’s Bd..he’s 61! Do you think you could maybe play van morrison “fair play” or jerry riopelle “easy driver” or jesse colin young “ridgetop” any of these faves will do…thank you so much,
    your faithful listeners,
    Linda and William

    • Hi Linda – the playlist compiling company changed their software and it took several days for out lists to catch up – they are working now. Thanks for listening.


  52. Good Morning Ric from Linda and William great picks this morning, always love to hear some Van Morrison, we’ve been listening to him for over 4o yrs, saw him in concert twice, just got his new album…Roll With The glad we found your station recently!

  53. Linda and William enjoying your station every morning from Prescott, can you play some Jackson Browne?

    Sidenote…We recently saw Danny O’Keefe-Tom Rush 10/8 concert at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts!

  54. Love your music if there’s a chance to shout out and ask for a request I like to do so if you can play a little bit of Pat Travers maybe a little bit of Aldo Nova or some Triumph whichever hour that would all fit in that would be fantastic! Keep it up Gulch!

    • Thanks for the note Mark. Glad you are enjoying the Gulch. We don’t have any songs by those artists, but we will check them out.

      Thanks again.


  55. Hi Richard from an old friend who you asked to be at your wedding to Pat back in the 70s but could not make it because I and partner in crime were Always at JESSE’S along with the Jerome population who came to talk to us. I have something to talk to you about and will be calling you soon, a new idea for you concerning you that I think you will find very exciting. I give you permission to use the email so I can talk to you in private.
    this is the guy who wore the Greek Fisherman’s hat, the Tall one with the vast knowledge of Music and the biggest collection of records in Arizona. Please just send an email. Thanks. Great Station and idea my friend.

  56. Good job on the Houston sound pray for Texas ……zzz top …..Rodney Crowell another great singer song writer from the Houston Area would be cool….

    • Hey james – thanks for writing. If you are listening we are featuring a bunch of Texas artists right now. God bless you all, wish I could be there to help you. Too old, just get in the way.

  57. Love your music station and the livecam. Together, they are the things that I go to when I need some peace. And that’s often. Every single day. I can endure being here in Texas if I can get my sound and vision of Jerome, Arizona. But you’ve been dark for a few days now. Absolutely killed me. I see your note about the problem and its fix…but I’m still not getting anything. Anyway, hope you get back on your feet. Thanks for all you do. You people are awesome.

    • Hi Jack- everything is currently working. The camera is up as of today but we don’t know for how long. thanks for
      listening. For listening problems, please write to us at: – let us know if get it working or are still having problems.




  59. Hey I have been unable to listen tonight to your station. And neither your website or Tune in app are working.And my Spotify is working and called my cable company and no problems with them.Sure hope this is fixed soon.Your station only thing keeps me sane thru intense back pain.thx Dan Colorado.

    • Hi Dan – sorry, a situation beyond our control. A backhoe dug up the internet lines serving Northern Arizona yesterday morning. Service was back around 10:40 PM last night.

      After a little work this morning resetting things, we are up and running.


  60. Hello, saw you on the Hamilton Transmitter site. listened in on 96 and 36 KBS both sound good..I did not know 36 kbs could sound so good.

    I have that same tower and I am looking to get a Rangemaster Transmitter. Do you have any gear left over I could buy ?

    Thank you and if you have the Ham. Rangemaster I am interested

    • Hi Don – thnaks for the good words about our stream – took a little work to get the 32kbps stream to sound good. Sorry to tell we sold all of the AM gear except for a professional quality audio equalizer. One transmitter went to texas and the other to Las Vegas.

      Have a good one!


  61. Hello
    I was listening to Gulch today 11:30 am to around 1 pm. I liked many of the songs and wanted to listen again but when I tried to locate the playlist it did not show the songs just the name of the show for those times.
    Please advise
    Betina in Cottonwood

    • Hi Betina – you were listening to UnderCurrents show number 4228, hours 3 and 4. Go to UnderCurrents website: When you are there look across the top and click on “playlists” Search for 4228, which would be about a week ago (original air date) and look for hours 3 and 4.

      Thanks very much for listening and this should get you there.


  62. hello peoples…I think the way to start off here is to first tell you, YOU’RE AWESOME!! IDK how you are hand picking your playlist so freaking well, your musical palate (if you will) is off the chart amazing, and I thought I had a good knowledge of music..SO re-energizing but in a subtle way, in a day when radio stations suck you are salvation for me. I just want give you folks an attaboy, I can’t tell you enough without getting weird or annoying. best regards and please don’t stop..Marty Helbig

    • Hi Marty – thanks for the good words, we’re glad you are enjoying the station. We enjoy putting it together and letters like yours are a great reward.

      Hope you have great weekend.

      Thanks again for writing,

  63. Most of the time while driving, when I hear great music that I don’t recognize, I just live with not knowing but tonight I am compelled to make an exception. I would like the bits on the last tune playing right before “Rockin’ In the Days of Confusion” began. this mystery song may have been cut short for the program to begin on time. What was the name of that song and who was performing? It was 7:59 p.m. on 2/17/2017. Thanks. Also, great job. Best radio station since the early 70’s KMET in Los Angeles.

    • Good morning Mark – thanks for listening and writing, never hurts to be compared to KMET. The song you wanted was “Stratus” by Billy Cobham from the album Spectrum on Atlantic Records.

      Have a good one!

  64. Hello
    I am Brazilian and I live in the city of Goiânia near Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
    I listen to the radio every day.
    The best of the world…
    Congratulations and good work.
    Sorry for my English …
    Carlos GO

    • Hi Carlos in Brasil – thanks for writing to us and thanks for listening. Your English is perfect.

      The best to you and yours as well!


  65. Me and my wife are visiting Sedona and found your station. By far the best thing on the radio. Looking forward to streaming when we get home. We would love to stop by and say hi. OK what we really want is a T-shirt or two. Is there some in Jerome? We leave in the morning and plan on stopping by Jerome and do some shopping. Love you all.

    • Hi Raymond – thanks for the letter, glad you are enjoying the station. Sorry, no t-shirts yet, we’re a non-profit and we can’t afford them, BUT we do have terrific bumper stickers. Made In Jerome Pottery and Designs On You clothing may have some, if they don’t you send us your address, send it to we’ll send you some.

      Best regards, safe travels,

  66. Hi, Love your station! I was driving home tonight, 7/27, and around 8:40 you were playing a song with a South American tone, with acoustic guitars harmonizing, conga, and other instrumentation. There were no vocals in the part of the song I heard. The acoustic guitars kind of had a CSN quality (Judy Blue Eyes) in certain spots of the song. I love it and would like to know what song it is. I need to get a copy of it.

    • Hi Pam- that was Steve Morse from his album Prime Cuts – “Wooden Music

      Thanks for listening and thanks for loving!


  67. Hi Folks

    I am listening to Gulch Radio here online in Pakistan and you guys are playing some good rock n roll tunes. I usually listen to Gulch radio at work and just cruise through time. Good variety!

    • Hi Ali – thanks for writing to us. We love to hear from listeners, especially from other parts of the world. Glad you enjoy cruisin’ to the tunes.

      Best regards!

  68. WhaT IS UP,the left channel over the air in Sedona not very strong,also online weak thanks best station in the world!!

    • Thanks for writing – our mixing board just failed so it’s going to take us a little while to get it fixed. Thanks for listening and sorry for the funky audio.


  69. I wish for a more diverse stream of music… more unknown, more female vocalists, more ssttrreettcchh…. less repetition… less blues… more current bluegrass, and whatever happened to punk rock?… pleeeezzz. and q.

    • Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, just found your letter – if the mix doesn’t please you, what can we say, there are 60,000 streaming radio stations and 14,000 over the air stations to choose from, many play punk and whatever so check’em out, we’re sure that you can find something that pleases you.

      Good luck – rock on!


  70. THANK YOU GULCH RADIO – you have saved my sanity and have lifted me out of my deep depression about the mainstream radio stations available in this area (Prescott, Verde Valley, Flagstaff). I actually float on the River of Peace, Love and Happiness when I’m listening to all the GREAT music you play . Many thanks and much gratitude from me to you !

    • Hi Cottonwood Listener – glad we can contribute to sanity – it’s our pleasure. Thanks very much for listening and writing. We’re happy to be floating that river with you.

      Best regards,

  71. You played “Feelin’ Good Again” by Robert Earl Keen today and I caught it by chance. I’d never heard of him before and now I’m hooked. Thanks!!

    • Cool -glad you like it. REK does lot’s of great songs. Thanks for writing and thanks for listening.

  72. Aloha, Listening to gulch radio in Hawaii! It’s island stranded time here, sounds good with the ocean in the background! Best station in AZ, keep rocking!

    • Hey Wyatt! Glad to have you surfing the tunes on Gulch Radio, thanks for writing and we’ll do our best!

  73. found the gulch last year while visiting friends in cornville-yaaaay! i listen to the radio most in the car and i cant tell you how many times i got to where i was going and didnt want to get out of the car cuz the music was so perfect…and not just til the end of the song..many times for several songs before i would get out.. fantabulous stuff! when i got back to calif i immediately found out how i could listen from here!! thanks for makin that possible~! rock on.

    • Hi Karen – very cool, glad you found us and thanks for taking us on the road with. We appreciate the letter – they keep us going.

      Thanks again!

  74. Thank you for the jams. Chilling on the deck, watching the storm, the current playlist is helping. Stevie’s version of little wing just brought tears. So thankful for all of us. Chaka. Adobe Adam in sedona.

  75. Great station. Whoda thunk something this good from our very own Jerome? forgive me if this comment has already been made, but it would be nice if the live feed was not lost every time you switched between pages on the site. Keep it up. You guys are doing a great job.

    • Thanks for the note. Glad you enjoy the station and happy to hear the problem fixed itself – I wish they all would.

  76. Hi! This is Sonia from Punta del Este, Uruguay. Robert and I are watching the sunrise at Jerome and enjoying your music. Big hugs!

    • Thanks Michael ~ Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned to the Gulch for a lot of great shows! And come back especially in 2 weeks for my next show.


  77. Hey, from a couple of listeners in North Wales, UK. Could you let us know the artist of the “Runaway” track we hear when you are signing off the Rick n Roll Breakfast show?

    • Hi Fiona and Michael – two guys do that, I think David Grissmon is one and I don’t remember the other artists name. Sorry I’m not more help there.

  78. JERRY RIOPPELLE ??? Arizonas “King of Rock n Roll” ??? wheres the RIOPPELLE ????? (keep up the good work—FT LAUDERDALE,FLA)———-

  79. Bleatings!* modern pirate radio style introduction! >> D R A F T <<
    I am Cactus 7, your low powered cloud based media dead-head.

    In America, on April 8, 2015 at 10:43 am Michael O’Rielly, a commissioner of USA’s FCC, wrote: “Everyone should agree that pirate radio stations – by any definition – are completely illegal.”
    *emphasis cactus 7
    a pirate style modern media experiment

    CFTC is an alternative media adventure yet to be fully discovered. “Pirate style radio” is the closest way to share a glimpse of my vision. CFTC strives for strict legality while upsetting convention and breaking traditions whenever artistically interesting.
    Wherever the law is unclear, or contradictory, CFTC aims at being helpful, having fun, and being adventurous. Come along with us. Let the adventure begin!

    Audio: the “the Warf Rat” #10

    Cactus 7. A Posed Pic!
    [real identity available, on request but not pushed because of a sense of new age searchability risk practicality and perhaps modesty.]
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    controversy, I am for Obama, and Care. Giddily happy that the Americans have elected Obama giving hope to the majority of Americans children who are not white as the driven snow.

    Could a pirate radio station be or have been?

    1 One of the offshore, (and therefore legal?,) stations that played rock and roll, (Beatles,) for otherwise captive BBC audiences in the 1960’s.
    2. Any station that transmits their signal with more than the authorized power, or violates some other regulation.
    3. Stations whose staff dressed up in costumes paying allegiance to thieves,,, think of suits promoting exploitive deals.
    I’ll stop here, hoping that there will be much more discussion of the concept of piracy. On the open seas lone sailors are protected only by themselves, obscurity, or by traveling in convoy lanes protected by heavy traffic and powerful maritime nations navies.

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    The Art of Modern Style Radio Piracy

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    Bleatings = bleat + greet + ings = blog greetings q.e.d? (or sound of a lamb?)

  80. The short test of my volunteer micro power translator of your signal east of STAR school on 88.3 good. Noise from cheap audio cables(?) noticeable. Cheap microphone did well especially with only $4 expectations. No complaints yet; probably nobody but me heard anything.

  81. love the webcam, but one suggestion….a shroud of some sort would be great so as to protect the lens from rain/snow….gets difficult to observe anything! Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the note – we call the distortion “art” – actually we’re learning as we go along, The camera is up there pretty high so accessing it is a challenge.

  82. Geez,
    So how old are you anyway? I’m 72. (Though I’d check on your Geezer chops.)

    A Dead Head from Palo Alto, Ca. Fell in with Indians up in Flag – 4 corners some years ago. They let me hang around.

    In October, I got a hip replacement and need to go back to work to pay the surprise co-pays etc. Great thing is I have a better attitude since mobility is increased.

    I’ve been interested in lpfm, pirate radio style, (I own a sailboat on a trailer.) I’ll wear an eye patch, no peg leg, no over watt broadcasting,,,


    Is the office as open as it seems in the picture on the website?

    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to Jerome…

    CactusHeaven, and

    • Hey Mitch – the Geezer is 71 – I do believe he qualifies for membership in the club of beat up but probably perky oldies.

      Glad to read your hip replacement has helped out the declining mobility, The Geezer know first hand how tough that is Not sure what you mean by “the office open” – if you mean is the town open and friendly yes it.

      Thanks for listening!

      • More beat than beat up, I’d say, about the geezer. I only ask the imper tenant question because lots of young’uns with grey hair have been tried to assert seniority, lacking about 30 years of life experience.

        Been trying to get the 100.5 signal around the Flag area. Not much luck. I got a fresh allocation of bandwidth and am listening to your excellent stream now.

        I’m still working on alternative to commercial media/radio aka pirate radio. I own a low power fm transmitter which is legal so I don’t think it qualifies as really “pirate,” though I think it might if I get an eye patch…. at least stylistically. I don’t think I even really need to get the eye patch if I can effect a swashbuckling affect. The temptation to push the legal limits on the low power thing is in me.
        I’m busy hot-roding The limited equipment I have to do DJ type blogs with audio clips or etc. Two of the tire/wheels for the “pirate ship’s” trailer are still doing utility trailer cleanup duty. But the ship is about to launch. Licence for the trailer, etc.

        Office open? I mean how when would it be good to meet, perhaps explore space where co-operation might be fun.

    • Hey Cindy -thanks for the good words – we appreciate it and I will pass your note onto Gregg the show host. Thanks for listening, hope you are staying nice and warm!


  83. I don’t know how you do it, but the tunes you’ve been playin’ this afternoon have swept me away to another place & time — don’t want to ever leave.
    Smiles that have no words,

    • Hi Lynn – hey, thanks for the note. It’s great to hear from listeners enjoying the music. Glad we could help you get to that other place!

    • Hmmmmnnnn –
      not sure which song that was, but “Don’t Waste My Time” by Catch 22 played at about that time. Sorry took so long for me to respond.

    • Due to technical limitations on our equipment, when we are broadcasting live, in the studios our stream can’t capture the song titles so it just shows the name of the show. One of these days we’ll figure it out.

      Thanks for listening.

  84. Just heard my song “Remember When” by the Earls and wanted to say thanks. I only listen to The Gulch now as the music is great and the 2nd best part…NO COMMERCIALS! Keep up the great work

  85. All afternoon on Saturday 8/1/15, you guys have been killing it musically. Great music, song after song. We live in Florida, but find ourselves listening to this station almost exclusively. Thanks for the great tunes 1

  86. Thanks for THE BEST-EVER!!!!,broadcast of the DEAD I hav heard thus far.I was lucky enuff to take part in their concert, OUTSIDE!, in Farmington, Maine back in college days..they SANG to us for…atleast…4&1/2 HOURS!!! 2nite’s show (thanks to you),has definitely brought back wicked fond memories. Thanks to David..for a thrilling compilation!

  87. Hoping u get some bumper snickers @ some fine establishments down here in Old Town Hippie Emporium, and further on like Verde Lea Market..Desert Dancer….Walmarts (ha!, just kiddin’! Thanks!

  88. Listening to your station all the time from the bottom of the hill. You guys are awesome! Best station I’ve listened to in a VERY long time. Picked up my Gulch bumper stickers at Tommy Rocks and had Anne Bassett autograph my copy of “Home Sweet Jerome”. It was a great Jerome weekend!

    • Hey Claire in Clarkdale – thanks for the note, we’re glad you’re tuned in and enjoying the station and Tommy, indeed, rocks!

  89. Having moved to Cottonwood, as an AZ. Local of 37 years…I have to remark that your station is one of the ‘Freest’ on the airwaves, that Ive heard in a long while.

    Though Im old enough to not be gullible about how free you actually might be [what with advertising dollars and what not] I do still think you all are doing a great job at keeping the airwaves clearer, in these times of suffocation mediocrity.

    Please dont stop… oh Baby, please dont stop!.

  90. Now when I get to where I am going I don’t want to get out of my vehicle and turn the radio off. But yesterday, 5-26-15 at 2:45 pm mst I had to. what the heck was playing?

    • Glad your listening – every now and then we play something somebody hates – it’s inevitable.It was either “Little Wing” Stevie Ray Vaughn or “Shame the Devil” by Robin Trower. Neither of which will play again for five weeks so you are safe.

      • oh, sorry, wasn’t clear. I really didn’t want to shut it off. I had to take care of business. i thought it might have been jack bruce or an updated version of an old Cream tune. it was especially “colorful” sounding…

  91. Heard a widespread Panic song around 9:45 Friday morning May 8th
    Great song with a lot of percussion!! Sitting on the Sonny side!!

    If there is anyway to give me the name and album for the song it would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks for the great music!!!

    • Hi Scott – that was the live version of “Arleen” by Widespread Panic from the album “Another Joyous Occasion”

      Thanks for listening.

  92. Richard,

    Your station is like listening to KDKB in the 60’s. I LOVE it. So glad we get it now up in this neighborhood

    • Thanks for the note Mary, we’re flattered by the comparison and we’re glad to be in your neighborhood. Thanks again for writing.

  93. Richard,

    Your station is like listening to KDKB in the 60’s. I LOVE it. So glad we get it now up in this neighborhood.

    Thank you so much,

    Mary Conlin

  94. I just love u..all the time! So much so I am burnin’ burgers rite now..wait..wait..just flipped ’em..all is good! Today is the 1st day I listened to Friday News Roundup with D.Rehm.and my favorite SciFri with the most entertaining “science geek”..I have been into “MY GULCH” so much..I think I need a nite in the Grand Hotel Further on..I shall save Friday morning for my NPR..just morning, mind u..the rest..Thanks! C U @ Music&Morons! I will have a “fan” surprise for u soon. .you’ll c it ’round c’town. GOTTA GO..BLUES ON! YAAHHH! THANKS!

  95. Gulch radio is a genuine gem of Jerome! Please keep the “Music and Morons” show … Lenny and Michael have it all covered. (“Nyaaaah!”)

    • Fur sher! EVRY WKEND! LENNY&MIKE r so talented! I know they can give up their Saturdays without their families missing them!! Cuz ALL the GULCH fans are family, too!

  96. We recently spent three weeks in the Cottonwood, Sedona area, my scan button found your station immediately and I never changed it. Back in Wisconsin we listen on the net. Keep up the good work, you have brightened our day!

  97. Ahhhh, it is an endless loop. Click on “PLAY” on the home page takes you to the License page where you click on the GREEN button… that starts playing and reloads the Home page. This loop repeats never showing the “Pause” option.

    • When you click on play, normally a mini-player page opens up off to the side with a pause button, album cover, volume, etc. I have never tuned the station in on an ipad so I’m not sure how the player behaves, although I have tuned in on an iphone and that is what happens, One way to turn it off would be to close the page. Or – go to the appstore and download the app, search for “gulchradio” and you will have a choice of streams to chose, 32 or 96 – the tunein app will run in the background while you do other things on the ipad.

  98. So when I stream the Gultch on my iPad there is no “Pause” or “Stop” button. The only way I have found to stop it is to shut down and restart the iPad. Really?

  99. i found you yesterday , i’m listening from killeen tx. you guys have a great groove , reminds me of the the fm stations in ca. during the 70’s . i WILL pass the word about you.

  100. Absolutely love the station been trying to find decent radio since moving to Sedona. This is a real 70’s style FM station impossible to find in 99% of the country. Keep it up and if you are ever looking for a partner let me know…….i think you could have a TV play with this as well

  101. So glad I found you, been telling all my friends. I’m a mail carrier in sedona so know a lot of people. Gulch reminds me of a station I listened to in early 70’s out of Gilroy, CA. Called KFAT. First time I heard mothers of invention. Keep it up so refreshing. Any chance you have access to any “cold blood” Lydia pence? Can’t find much. Thanks.

  102. Love, love, love the edition of your station to the Verde Valley. Do you have, or are you planning on creating bumper stickers? I would love to get one to help you advertise. I’ve been telling people by word of mouth. So far I’ve noticed a buzz. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Angela – glad you enjoy the station. WE do have bumper stickers, if you will send us an email to: with your address we’ll send you some. You can also pick them up at Tommy Rocks Music Store in Jerome, just below the Post Office on Main St. Thanks for listening and writing.

    • Yes! I have found word of mouth is like..yelling! Gulch is here to stay! Have talked with many fans. .they are HAPPY! Bumper snickers really need to b obtainable down the hill from Twinkle-Town!

      • Hi Laurie – thanks for the note. I’ll see if I can line up someone in Cottonwood to distribute bumper stickers, meanwhile we will mail them to anyone that drops us a note with their mailing address, either here on the website or by writing to us at

        • Better late than never as to my reply to thank u for that. I would gladly drive round down here to distribute snickers. .too few visible in C-wood. U hav my info..many establishments on my list and yors. Thanks,again,GULCH RADIO,for bringing THE BEST MUSIC to the Verde Valley. .and ALL OVER THE WORLD!

  103. Hey Richard
    Christine and i are enjoying your music this morning and get to listen until we leave for our class at 8:30. As always; love your music and Christine will be tuning in also when she goes back to Calgary

    • Hey cool! Thanks for tuning in! Must be a beautiful morning in San Carlos – maybe we’ll do a remote from the beach someday.

    • Must have tuned in at a bad time dude wtf are you playing ? Almost punched my radio off the shelf and had to change the station! The old blues you play is great I thought I found a new station but being stuck inside listing this morning about killed me !

      • Hey Mike – Sorry to jolt the train, we change up the music a bit on the weekends. Some folks like it and some don’t. Thank god they put dials on radios. Thanks for listening, we’ll be back to normal Monday morning.


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