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Digging gulch radio. It goes down smooth, and is yet filling. Thx (Phoenix)

Rock on, ol’ geezer. (Flagstaff)

Smokin’ – gulchradio ROCKS – in my iTunes player now (Los Angeles)

Thanks!!!! just dancing around the living room – wow!!! two in a row!!! (Clarkdale)

I’ve got “the gulch” playing most of the time these days here in Ottawa Ontario Canada, as have several of my friends. It’s excellent. You’ve done a phenomenal job in setting up the technical part, and the content is excellent. It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Congratulations. (Ottawa)

Quit playing Rick Nelson (Clarkdale)

This is very exciting to find you in cyberspace and not just on the hillside of Jerome! (Tucson)

Listening all the time….but yesterday coming home from Sedona between 3;15 and 4 pm you were just freakin’ me out….sounded like Echo and the Bunnymen or something and the whole set just rocked. (Jerome)

keep up the unbelievable shit you do (Jerome)

Have enjoyed gulchradio… I’ve bookmarked “The Gulch” – good stuff, thanks! (Flagstaff)

I really enjoy listening here at home. I can’t get The Gulch at work. It has been identified as some sort of “threat” to my computer – hahaha. (yahoocyberspace)

I don’t know what you were playing that Friday night but I had the best sex of my life listening to gulch radio (Montreal)

My life is meaningless without gulchradio (Cottonwood)

THX! for the killer tunes…Then I heard you play some Pink Floyd Reggae. I got up and walked to the computer. You guys/gals Rock me! I believe it was Dick Clark who prattled on about music being the soundtrack of our lives. Well, you’re mine and doing a fine job of it too Ollie…I taped a few hours uh da Gulch and sent it to some artist friends back east. Commercial free eclectic mix to work by. Obviously they went nucking futs demanding more. Now they can stream. Oh my… (Jerome)

I hate to say this … but … It’s on all the time (Boulder)

It’s a nice alternative to KPIG if I’m feelin’ more like rocking. I’ll spread the word to others. Love the Graphics on the website too. Get some T-shirts made! (Tracy)

I’m continuing to enjoy The Gulch tremendously. It’s a very balanced mix. You’re more accessible than the extremely popular Radio Paradise, and the cuts you’re playing are very similar to ones I’d play from the same artists. I’m actually enjoying Keb ‘Mo’s T&A thing and that Roy Head sounding cover… I was pleasantly surprised (Prescott Valley)

Write to us, tell us what you like and would like to hear, tell us about your life, tell us anything –

LINKS… Our Radio Friends – these folks can fix your broken iPhones, iPads, Android devices and more, PLUS they help us fix Gulch Radio when it’s broken. Thanks very much for all the help.

About Home Sweet Jerome – Contemporary Jerome author Diane Rapaport turns back the time clock to chronicle the arrival of the 1970’s Jerome “hippie” revolution that laid the foundation for today’s arts and crafts, counter culture inspired community so loved by travelers from around the world.

Allie’s in Stitches A blog for rockin’ quilters.

The Real Katie Lee Web Site – Visit Katie Lee – river runner, song writer, author, story teller and superb song bird. Katie calls Jerome home. – Beautiful pottery from the skilled hands of Jane Moore featuring her styled love of all things nature. Made right next door to Gulch Radio. – is handcrafted from native clay by David Hall and Jane Moore in their studio/retail shop located in the colorful mountainside community, Jerome, Arizona. Made in Jerome has been a mainstay on Main Street in Jerome since 1972 and in October of 2000 moved into their new studio at 103 Main Street. 

Horseshoe Mountain Pottery – great handmade pottery from listeners in the Utah backcountry – Jerome’s music store features a wide variety of musical instruments, Tommy’s music, rock and roll collectables, good vibes AND Gulch Radio bumper stickers – Whether it is a long weekend get-away at a local bed and breakfast/hotel, or just a day trip to check out the shops and galleries, come and get a bite to eat at one of our many fine restaurants, while you enjoy the view. Jerome offers something for everyone!  The chamber pages guide you to Jerome’s attractions – The history of Jerome, is preserved and presented by the Jerome Historical Society – instrumental in “saving” Jerome from ruin since the 1950’s  -visit the Historical Society’s site to learn more about our history. Jerome SHP and the Douglas Mansion your first stop when you visit Jerome. The park offers a great to introduction to the town’s history and affords fantastic views of the city and the valley!

The Douglas Mansion has been an eye-catching landmark in Jerome since 1916, when James S. Douglas built it on the hill just above his Little Daisy Mine. This former home is now a museum devoted to the history of the Jerome area and the Douglas family. The museum features photographs, artifacts and minerals in addition to a video presentation and a 3-D model of the town with its underground mines. There are more displays outside along with a picnic area offering a beautiful panoramic view of the Verde Valley.

General Interest

The Jerome Times –News and Information for the Town of Jerome, Arizona

KCRJ – AM Northern Arizona’s Pioneer Radio Station – the story of Jerome’s first radio station and one of Arizona’s first five radio stations – that from which we at KZRJ-LP FM100.5 Jerome draw inspiration from.

Worst Album Covers

We are always willing to add more – but these, we believe, truly qualify as some of the Friends of Gulch Radio

UnderCurrents – Be carried away on a river of sound — songs and beats from the Americas and the World, with your host Gregg McVicar.

The Native American Radio Service – Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life.

Major Lingo – “Music for Heads and Feets!”

Ravenworks Web Site Design – Providing “Customer Oriented” Services for your “Internet presence”.

PhotoFlashbacks – Classic Rock N Roll concert photographs by the late Doug Hartley.

The Art of Mark Hemleben – Impressionist Landscape Artist Mark Hemleben captures the intensity in his plein air oils, documenting the change of light and the dance of shadows and colors. Mark did the beautiful cover painting on our home page, thanks Mark for sharing it with us.

Spirits of Jerome
The new history being built by local artists and galleries..

Christy Fisher – Jerome Arizona recycled glass jewelry contemporary clothing hand-loomed knitwear eco earth friendly sustainable fibers apparel fashion.Visit Christy’s great new store on Main St in Old Town Cottonwood.

Bruce McElya – Extraordinary Grand Canyon river photographer [BACK TO NAVIGATION…]

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  1. I think Greg Mcvicar is the most talented music programmer I’ve encountered–no offense to anybody else. Thanks for airing his program.

  2. Playing the station in the lobby for all to hear (even those without a pulse, lol) up the hill at the Jerome Grand Hotel. Lovin’ it all night long, while on the graveyard shift. Beats the hip hop, gangsta crap and the getting really old oldies stations that are under every rock. Colorful, diverse and edgy…kind of like Jerome! Y’all rock!

    • Thanks Joe – we have bumper stickers – but our hnds are full for now, maybe in the future we can do shirts and posters.

  3. Really enjoy your diversity. Could you please add a few more Indian songs. I really enjoy “Wild Seeds” and “Ghost Dancers”. In joy, Sandy

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