Gulch Radio News – The Gulch?

Q – Why do you call your station the Gulch?

A – The Gulch is a neighborhood in an old mining town in central Arizona. Jerome is a collection music loving characters. Sadly radio reception is poor, so GulchRadio ancestors erected a tiny radio station to supply the artisans with some tunes for the days work and the nights fun. GulchRadio Streamin’ is a response to the endless whine “we can’t get you very well.” Now you can in 96 kbps quality sound, as well as 32 kbps. It’s all about the music in the Gulch.

Now we are a full fledged 24/7 FM radio station covering the entire Verde Vslley, Sedona, I-17 almost all the way to Flagstaff. So, if you’re in the neighborhood set your FM dial to 100.5 and let the rockin’ begin.
Q – What the hell am I gonna hear when I tune into GulchRadio?

A – We’re never sure. We mix the music batch fresh everyday. We preview every song, so at least WE think it’s good for one play, tune in and listen for awhile. Tell us which ones you like –
Q – How come I don’t see the song titles on my player always?

A – Sometimes there are live programs on the Gulch – when we’re live, the scrolling music bar will stop on the last song played. Review our program schedule and description.
Q – I love that song, what’s the name of it?

A – If it’s still playing look on the “now playing bar on the “Music” page. GulchRadio streams both live shows and daily playlists. The music lists change everyday. We can usually tell you the name of songs you liked if you can tell us the approximate time the song played, you’ll have to tell us where you are because time zones around the world are different – and if you can give us some idea of the song lyric, male or female artist, that will help us find it. GulchRadio is different from many other streaming radio stations because we don’t play just a few playlists over and over. Everyday is different and the song you like might not play again for several weeks, so you’ll have to help us out finding the “one” you’re looking for.
Q – Why don’t your playlists show somewhere on your website?

A – We haven’t figured out how to do that yet – we’d like to, but this is an all volunteer radio station, so we have posting our lists on our “to do” lists. We are currently working on that.
Q – How many songs do you have in GulchRadio’s music library.

A – The Gulch has a huge music library. We have more than 18,000 titles. We regularly play around 7,000 of those titles – you won’t hear the same songs over and over on the Gulch.
Q – Will you play requests?

A – Yes – but due to internet music rules we can’t play them in the same hour you request them. If you request a song, tell us when you listen and we’ll try to get it on the air during that time. If you have a request or a song comment send it to us at:
Q – How about dedications – can I dedicate a song or my request to someone?

A – Yes, during our live shows we can do dedications and “howdy’s” – send song requests and dedications to:
Q – I want to buy “that song” – how can I do that?

A – If it is playing right now you can hit the “buy” button on the music page “now playing” bar. If not, much of our music is available at the iTunes music store. We hope to have a direct “buy” link soon.
Q – I tried to listen on the internet, but I can’t make it work right – it skips and stutters?

A – There are tune in buttons on each page of our website. They offer you the choice of two streams – a 96 KBPS stereo stream, for the best sound. If you have fast internet speeds,choose the 96 stream for best quality sound, but if you have slow speed internet connections, or you high speed line is very busy with downloads choose the 32 KBPS stream – it’s in mono and uses very little of your internet stream, avoiding buffering caused by overloaded connections and it sounds very good. If you are using an iPhone or an Android device the 32 KBPS choice is a good one because it won’t gobble up your data allocation. is a good choice for cell phone listening:
Q – When I try to tune in I get a message that says”stream can’t accept anymore connections, what’s with that?

Our stream is popular. At the end of January we doubled our number of connections so you shouldn’t have difficulty tuning in and you shouldn’t get the message below anymore.

Stream full098Q – Sometimes when your live shows end, my connection drops or sounds too weird to listen to. Why?

A – That happens occasionally to listeners. When we switch from live shows to or playlists, there is a very slight break in the connection which might cause your computer to lose it’s connection, or buffer. It’s annoying, we’re sorry – the work around is easy, just refresh your connection in your browser and it will fire up correctly again. We have found streaming software named VLC to be the most stable, least likely to drop connections, here is a link for the MAC version: Below is a link for the Windows version:
Q – Do I have to listen on the  page each time?.

A – No. On the page that opens after you hit the “PLAY NOW” at the top of all the site pages, you will be directed to a second “PLAY” page where there are icons under the sentence “Launch External Player” for four different music players – Apple iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Choose the player you wish and you will then have GulchRadio available through your music program. A short cut:

Q – “I tried to tune in this morning and it didn’t work. What’s up with that?”

A- Nothings perfect. Every now and then some link in the process goes down. The Gulch has to pass through three different systems before it reaches you. Check back frequently, usually issues that prevent listening are resolved quickly. Check like – every minute – every second – every nano second! Don’t miss a thing.
Q – When I pressed your “PLAY NOW” button, on the home page, nothing happened, I’m a little frustrated now?

A – If nothing pops up” for you to use, it’s possible that your internet browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Netscape have the preferences set to stop “pop ups” from working. Check the software preferences in the browser you use.
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News — 37 Comments

  1. Hi Jerome & Gulch Radio

    I regularly listen to Gulch Radio while making preserves in my commercial kitchen in Calgary , Alberta , Canada . I turned 55 yesterday , Oct 20, and listened most of the day in my air conditioned villa in Palm Desert , it was 109F here!!!!
    Just wanted to write and say I love the programs , playlists, and incredible tunes , keep up the great work!

    I stream via Radio Garden ,and either listen on my Bose headphones or , Bluetooth Boom3 Speaker .

    All the Best , Travis Short

    • Hey Travis – thanks for writing. It sure has been nice and warm, glad you listen, and that we are a work companion. Hope you enjoy your Palm Springs stay. Thanks for listening!

  2. ..good afternoon from Washington Dc Metro area…actually Alexandria,va..found your station from Internet radio directory and must say…quite a great surprize indeed!!…will be and have bookmarked on all browers for continued listening for all futures…lol..thanks again…dig your station…jonny racer

  3. First visited Jerome in the early 80’s, but currently living in a radio wasteland (NE Fla). I figured that, if any towns would have great radio stations, it would be Jerome and/or Madrid, NM. Thanks and know that there is someone out there in the ether listening to you even at 400am your time. Ya’ll are the best!

  4. holy yippeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are back on !!! I had given up hope..when did you get turned on again?????
    I have you set on my radio and on a whim i just thought I should check…and sure as shoot..there you are…can’t wait to tell everyone you are back !!

    hope you get back to the that is…love you guys…I’ll spread the word,


  5. I’m the late night driver for the Enchantment Resort employee shuttle (Midnight Sue). We love the Gulch !! For some time now I can’t Rock Out !! Do you go off the air? Hope you’re well up on the Hill. Miss You!!!

  6. Recently I am not able to tune in your station at 100.5 FM at night and morning on any radio. It drops off around 9 to 9:30 pm and also not available in the early morning. What has happened?
    Is this a temporary problem or a new permanent situation?

    • I can tune in to 100.5 when I’m in Jerome but no longer in Cottonwood. Is your broadcast power less than it was before your 2018 absence?

      • Hi Harry – currently we are running less power since our rather unfortunate eviction and move from our earlier site. Reception is pretty spotty from maverick to Home Depot, but we’re pretty strong in most other places. We continue to work on the station and there is a good chance we’ll be back up to full power in the next couple of months. Our old site was perfect, our new one less so , but we couldn’t take the harassment of our equipment and threats, bullying and so on, so we moved to a less than optimal site, but we own it and should, therefore be left alone. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re working on it.

  7. I love this radio station so much! I even have it on low while I’m sleeping. I love e fact that you are not afraid to introduce new artists or play songs that never appeared on top forty lists.would love o hear some of Asia’s haunting songs.the blues you play make me so ok happy.

  8. Hi, we are listening to you from England, we were coming to Jerome to meet our old friend, John who moved there; sadly he died about a year ago, BUT we are coming anyway. Love the music, sets the mood and we will tune to 100.5 FM as soon as our RV is close enough. Cheers – Ian and friends.

    • Hi Ian – Yes, sadly John passed away. He was a very popular fellow in the community.John was a close neighbor. You’ll love your visit to town and you can pick up our signal from the top of Mingus Mountain above Jerome to all over the Verde Valley and Sedona.

      Safe travels and welcome to Jerome.


  9. The Gulch is a real asset to the community. I really don’t listen to over the air radio as it is so repetitious. Bought a satellite receiver years ago to get interesting music. Your little station is better than anything offered on the Sirius/XM. Just tuned into the Gulch by accident a year or two ago after we moved here in November 2015. Love it. Congrats on a job well done.

    PS I’d buy T-Shirts too for myself and as gifts if you had them.

    • Hi Michael – thanks for the good words and writing. Glad you enjoy the station. Currently we don’t have t-shirts, we do have bumper stickers, send us you address in an e-mail to: if you would like some.


  10. Ran out of GulchRadio Stickers!!! Gave too many away. How do I buy about a dozen?

    Chris Martin
    25514 Sunflower Ct. Salinas, CA 93908

  11. Love your music ! I live just south of Seattle and have been listening to you since my wife’s cousin told me about you a couple of years ago.

    We were traveling thru the SW in April and May and spent some time in Jerome. We walked thru most of the town (doesn’t take long !) and asked quite a few folks in the local shops where we could find Gulch Radio. No one knew ! Or at least they wouldn’t admit it – each one had a different story about Gulch Radio. Wanted to get a picture and maybe t-shirt or hat to bring back home. Best I could do was a Gulch sticker from Tom Rocks (think I have that shop name right). Where in the heck are you ???

    Thanks for the music.

    • Hi Keith – thanks for the letter. Glad you like the tunes.

      We are hard to find, but not on purpose. We’re on the bottom floor of a residence in the Gulch, one of Jerome’s defined neighborhoods. Jerome doesn’t use street addresses, we have them, but the Post Office doesn’t deliver, so addresses are essentially ignored. Our address is 776 Gulch Lane. Gulch Lane is not a street, it is a lane, which is a walking trail.

      If you visit again, send me a note to and we’ll tell you how to get here. Our antenna is easy to find – it’s at the old high school complex, about half a mile from our studios.

      The only swag we have is bumper stickers. We’re all volunteer, dependent on donations and at this time we can’t afford an inventory of t-shirts, hats, mugs, totes, etc. maybe later.

      Thanks for writing,

  12. Hey guys, found your station while vacationing in Sedona two years ago. We loved it so much we came back again last year and discovered all the other cool communities around there, along with going back to Jerome again. I could definitely call your area home. We also found the Gulch on our last visit and I haven’t stopped listening to it yet, all the way back east in Shrewsbury, PA. Thanks for playing what everyone is not. I try and turn as many people on to you guys as possible. Also love the cam. I can spy the beauty whenever I need to escape. Thanks again! Peace

    • Good morning Johnny and your family. Glad you enjoy our Verde Valley community and will visit us often. Thanks for turning folks onto Gulch Radio, we appreciate the support and we’re pleased that enjoy the station to the level that you tell your friends. We hope all is well in your world. Thanks very much for writing!


  13. I would like to know a little about your station, What does your equipment consist of, how many watts are you running and how are you connected to your transmitter and antenna, direct or remote. I like your format it’s like the old Pirate radio we had in So Cal back in the day when all the great music venues were there, the Golden Bear
    the Country Club to many to list, thanks Rod..

    • Hi Rod – glad you enjoy the station. We are a low power FM with 100 watts. Don’t be offended, but there is currently a lot of weirdness out there in the radio world concerning hacking into radio station systems and transmissions and we’d rather not discuss our technical details in a public forum. I hope you understand.

      Thanks for listening!

    • Welcome to Arizona Travis, glad you found the Gulch – you can take us back to Texas with on the internet. Thanks for writing!


  14. Hi-I caught your station (100.5 FM) this weekend traveling from Flag to Phoenix and back. Heard some great Blues Friday afternoon (Oct. 14) and Oldies this afternoon (Oct. 16). Can you please tell me the name of a jazzy, be-bop saxophone instrumental I heard this afternoon? It was around 5:36pm after a Buddy Holly song and before “Swearing to God” by the Four Seasons. It was playing as a background while the DJ was going through the playlist and continued after he was done speaking. Thank you for the great traveling tunes!!

    • Hi – Sure, it was Ace Cannon and “Tuff” – glad you enjoyed the tunes. You can listen to us on the internet, thanks for listening.


  15. Hi, good evening

    I would like to known the name of a song I heard at gulch tonight. It was a male singer and there was a very remarkable percussion on it.

    I’m from Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil and the percussions in this song remember too much the bands of my city.

    It played about between 01am and 01:30am. Today, april, 28. Day and time from Brazil.

    Thanks a lot, I hope You can help me. Sorry for my bad english.


    • Hi Marecelo – The song you heard was on the show UnderCurrents and I believe it was Paul Simon “The Obvious Child” from his album Rhythm of the Saints. Thanks for listening – your English is way better than my Portuguese!

  16. Sir– your tunes are unreal.. brings back lots of great memories being raised around here. Went to high school in Jerome ran with all the local jeromites.. Thanks for bringing back Alvin lee keep it up thanks donnie

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