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Hot News Flash! Gulch Radio’s streams have been running full for sometime now – we recently increased our capacity so there’s plenty of room for you, you’re pals and even your pets – rock on! Thanks for listening.

Gulch Radio Internet Radio Listening Tips…

Internet radio can deliver really high quality sound. It can’t if you listen through those wimpy speakers that come with computers.

For very little money you can add a basic speaker system to your computer that will sound quite good. You might find speaker systems at a place like Office Max or Wal Mart. The prices run from as little as $10 to around $60. We’ve found nice ones that we use that we only paid $39.95

You can free yourself from having to be by the computer several ways. One easy way is to buy a “stereo minijack to RCA phono jack pair” adapter and a length of stereo cable to run from your computer to your stereo receiver’s auxiliary (aux) port “in” or any unused port. You’ll have the cleanest sound ever coming through your stereo. Very inexpensive for massive improvement in audio quality and personal flexibility.

Or, you can buy an internet “wifi” radio that works just like an ordinary radio as long as there is wireless dsl service available with 300 feet or so of the radio. You tune it to your favorite station, many have presets that you can set to your favorite station, assuredly the Gulch. If you have wireless dsl in your home or studio, you don’t need to be connected to a computer at all. There are more than 6,500 internet radio stations streaming on line. You’ll probably find several stations that you like. Internet radios start at around $100.

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This page last updated Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Tips — 19 Comments

  1. Greetings from New England. Enjoyed your music on my recent visit to AZ and would like to continue.
    The Gulch streams on my Android devices (Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung galaxy phone) for 5 minutes then cuts out. Any advice to get a continuous stream?

    • Hi Matthew – we’d like you to listen. I would try a different program, like (search for gulch) or VLC – other than that I would check settings in the device to see if you might have them set to only stream for 5 minutes. You could also try goggling the problem and see what comes up. Do other stations stream normally?

  2. Way to go Richard!! The Gulch is the best. You deserve a Peabody award! Great music, it’s all we listen to at work. Thanks for keeping us in the groove!!!!

  3. greetings from Anaheim ca. been looking for a station like yours for many years now. nobody else out there to be found. how sad. you are the best thing since KMET in LA went off the air in the 80s. remember JIM LADD? the other day I heard the song California by john Mayall.I think the gulch hooked me.people can find it at mp3juices. have been to Jerome twice, what a cool old town. anyway please don’t change or leave. the station is very special.

    • Hey Al from Anaheim – thanks for tuning us in – glad you enjoy the station and thanks for the flattering comparison to KMET. We paly a lot of variety and many moods so we hope you’ll continue to listen…

      Best regards

  4. Swear you guys are the coolest station around! I may have missed something. But why don’t you sell t-shirts and posters? I’m in if you did?

  5. I know this page is for tips but I need to let you know how great your station just made me feel! You just played Cory Morrow!! I have never heard him on the radio outside of my home state (TEXAS). Thank you for that! The variety of music you play is like no other station out there. You guys don’t stick to one genre or decade you play them all and I appreciate that!


    • We love letters from listeners like yours – makes the day! Thanks very much for writing, we’re pleased you like our music mix, so -stay tuned, more to come.

      Thanks again!

  6. Love your Station I Take The Verde Lynx To Work And The Driver Always Has The Bus Radio Tuned To Gulch Radio! Keep Up The Good Work I Even Have My Parents Listening as well 🙂

    • Thanks for the letter Chris – we’re glad to hear we’re heard on the bus – give the bus driver a thumbs up from us – anf glad your mom and dad are listening as well. Thanks again for the note – have a good one!

  7. How do I know the name of the band and the song that are playing? I can’t find that info. Please advise. thx, dal.

    • One more thing…my post above is showing a time of 5:27pm. That is not correct. I made the post at around 10:30ish am on the 26th. thx, dal.

  8. Thank you again, enjoying Mr.Zappa as I type right now. I was going to ask if you played the man on you station, was listening at the shop “Cyclewerks” and heard about “Frank Zappa Hour” today, going to sleep like a baby tonite, got my Zappa fix now everything is good! BTW I hope that you all have at least seen one of “Zappa does Zappa” down in PHX. haven’t missed one yet, Dwezzel does his Father proud and I’m sure he is smiling wherever he is. Thanks, the crew @ Cyclewerks

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